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FreeBSD Specific Commands

Resources and System Analysis

sockstat -l46


information about hard drives

geom disk list
camcontrol devlist

geom(8) camcontrol(8)

display I/O statistics of phyisical drives (including delete operations)

gstat -pd


display number of interrupts taken per device

## counts since startup
vmstat -i
## counts for each second
vmstat -i 1


Package Management

find the category of a port

file /usr/ports/*/some-port-name

remove a port and its dependencies (including what depends on them)

## via pkg
pkg delete some-pkg-name
pkg autoremove
## or via portmaster
portmaster -e some-pkg-name

man pkg-delete man pkg-autoremove man portmaster

remove a port while keeping what depends on it

pkg delete -f some-pkg-name

man pkg-delete

rebuild port and dependencies

## include all what depends on it
portmaster -f -r some-pkg-name
## include all it depends on
portmaster -f some-pkg-name

man portmaster

rebuild all ports

portmaster -af

man portmaster

replace an installed port with another version

## example: Perl from 5.24 to 5.26
portmaster -o lang/perl5.26 perl5-5.24.4
## if there are modules, recompile them (e.g. for Perl)
portmaster -f 'p5-*'

man portmaster

update packages matching a glob pattern, which have a newer version available in ports

## example for RubyGems
portmaster --update-if-newer 'rubygem-*'

man portmaster

remove packages matching a glob pattern

pkg delete -g 'php70*'

man pkg-delete

clean out stale ports that used to be depended on

## via pkg
pkg autoremove
## or via portmaster
portmaster -s

man pkg-autoremove man portmaster

show packages with vulnerabilities (with vulnerability DB fetch)

pkg audit -F

man pkg-audit

check installed packages

## check installed files for invalid checksums
pkg check -s
## check for missing dependencies
pkg check -d
## check correct linking of packages and their libraries
pkg check -B

man pkg-check

User Management

edit details of a user (e.g. Shell)

chpass someusername

man chpass

edit unix users of a jail

vipw -d /usr/jails/JAILNAME/etc/

man vipw


view last boot messages

less /var/run/dmesg.boot

disable/enable auto-start of a jail managed with ezjail

ezjail-admin config -r norun my-jail
ezjail-admin config -r run my-jail

man ezjail-admin

run a shell (and its children processes) only on CPU2 + CPU5

cpuset -c -l 2,5 /bin/csh

man cpuset

write GPT boot loader to first disk having its first partition a 512K freebsd-boot

gpart bootcode -b /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 ada0

man gpart

create a second loopback interface and rename it

ifconfig lo1 create
ifconfig lo1 name dummy0

man ifconfig

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